College Council

All government schools in Victoria, apart from the Distance Education Centre Victoria, have a school council. A school council is the group of people who assist in governing a school. It is a legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of a school. It is the major governing body of the school and plays an important role in school accountability and improvement processes. A school council also endorses the key school planning, evaluation and reporting documents.

A College Council:

  • Establishes the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community
  • Participates in the development and monitoring of the school’s strategic plan
  • Develops, reviews and updates school policies
  • Develops, reviews and monitors the Student Engagement Policy and the School Dress Code
  • Raises funds for school-related purposes
  • Approves the annual budget and monitors expenditure
  • Maintains the school’s grounds and facilities
  • Enters into contracts (e.g. cleaning, construction work)
  • Reports annually to the school community and to the DEECD
  • Generally stimulates interest in the school among the wider community

College Councils also have sub-committees, which meet prior to council meetings. These are:

  • Finance and Resources
  • Uniform (as required)

Rosebud Secondary College has four parent representatives and up to three community representatives on its Council. There are two staff representatives elected by the school staff. These members each serve a two-year term.

Current parent representatives:

President: Janelle Atkinson

Vice President: Peter Dawson

Additional parent representatives: Andy Brydson, Amy Holmes, Nicci Tsernjavski

Student Elected Members:

Abbey Hood

Jack Garbett-Davidson

Staff Representatives

Samantha Rowe

Danny Walker

Rosebud Secondary College Council usually meets twice per term on a Monday night.

Guests are welcome to attend college council meetings. Please contact the college.

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