Year 7 Transition

All students are supported in a range of ways when they start at Rosebud Secondary College. We have an innovative House System which aims to build healthy, resilient students who will thrive in school and adult life.



Rosebud Secondary College works in partnership with local primary schools to ensure students make a seamless transition into life at secondary school. This begins while the students are in Year 6, with Transition Interviews and Orientation Day in Term Four providing opportunities for them to meet their teachers and classmates, and learn their way around the College grounds.

On the first day of Term One:


Period 1: Students meet in the College Hall and are allocated into their form groups (as at Orientation Day.) Students are then welcomed into Hillview Stadium by the rest of school for their first full-school assembly.

Periods 2 – 6: Students meet with their teacher to receive their timetables, and have time to arrange the rest of their day. Students attend their timetabled lessons.

THE TRANSITION PROCESS for GRADE 6 into YEAR 7 for the CLASS OF 2022 begins from the start of the year with open nights and open mornings. 

Orientation Day Information

How do you get to Rosebud Secondary College on the day?

  • The local school buses will be able to transport you to and from school on this day. All you need to do is refer to the bus timetable (provided in your enrolment pack) and check which pickup point is closest to your street. Please note: It’s best to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled bus pick up time. You will not need a bus pass – just wear your Primary school uniform on the day. The bus drivers will be expecting you, so feel free to ask them questions if you get stuck. If you do not have the bus timetable, you can pick one up at our front office.
  • Alternatively, if you are walking or getting dropped off/picked up by a family member, please enter the school via the Boneo Rd entrance (where the Stadium is) and make your way down to the Hall. There will be teachers around to greet you and assist with any questions.

What time will you need to arrive and what time will the day finish?

  • You will need to arrive at 8:45am. Please wait out the front of the Hall until you are directed to go in.
  • The day will finish at 2:50pm so that you have plenty of time to walk to the bus shelter and catch your bus home. There will be teachers at the bus shelter who will help you if you are unsure which bus to catch. If you are getting picked up after school, it would be best to be picked up from the same place you were dropped off to avoid any confusion.

What can you expect during the day?

  • In the morning you will assemble in our Hall and our Transition Coordinator and other staff will welcome you and let you know which house you belong to. You will then go with your House representatives to your House area and participate in activities as well as a tour of the school.
  • After recess you will find out what year 7 class you’re in and meet your new class mates for 2022! You will participate in two different lessons with a variety of teachers ranging from Maths, English, Science, Humanities, PE, Music, LOTE, Technology and The Arts.
  • A BBQ lunch will be provided during lunchtime. Lunch will be served outside the Hall.
  • After lunch you will again participate in two more lessons ranging from Maths, English, Science, Humanities, PE, Music, LOTE, Technology and The Arts.

What do you need to bring on the day?

  • Please be in your primary school uniform.
  • Bring a bag with some snacks for recess, water and pencil case (with grey leads/pens/pencils, etc.)
  • Lastly, bring along a positive attitude, a willingness to meet new people and try new things! This will be a big day for you, but hopefully at the end, you will feel excited about starting the next chapter of your schooling!
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