OUR houseS

About our Houses

Our school is divided into 4 Houses. They are Nepean Sharks, Murray Marlins, Phillip Dolphins and Lonsdale Stingrays. Nepean, Murray, Phillip and Lonsdale are original House names from the very early years of the school.




Four Houses 


Each House will have 
- A House Leader
- A Student Coordinator
- A House Support Officer

Home Groups (HG)

Vertical Home Groups (HGs) within each house

A mix of students in Years 7-12 make up each HG

How does the Structure Support learners?

Increase in Pastoral Care time years 7 – 12
Increase in dedicated reading time
Increase in time dedicated to teaching students how to private study
Increase student connection to the school
Increase sense of student belonging
Increase number of staff to student connection
Increase exposure to different collaborative learning groups throughout years 7 – 12
Increase in engaged learners
Increase love of learning

The research of the Foundations for Young Australians guided our new College structure which was established to support our students in developing key employability skills

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