Rosebud Secondary College has a policy of compulsory uniform for all students. Wearing the College uniform encourages our students to feel a sense of belonging to our school and instills in them a sense of individual and collective pride in their appearance. Wearing our uniform means our students are easily identifiable in our community and helps them develop the presentation and grooming skills necessary in most work environments during and beyond their school years. The College expects a co-operative and responsible partnership from students, families and staff to achieve the uniform standards.

A Uniform Committee comprising of staff, students and parents completed an extensive review of the College uniform in 2017. The Guiding Principles of this review were that the uniform:

  • Promotes a sense of cohesion and school spirit.
  • Presents a positive image of the College and its students to the community.
  • Provides an attractive uniform of good quality and value for money, that maintains continuity over the years and not affected by rapidly changing fashion trends.
  • Provides comfort for seasonal changes, as well as modesty, freedom of movement and safety for all students.
  • Encourages an inclusive school community which seeks to remove discrimination based on financial, religious, cultural or other differences.

This review resulted in the College’s current Uniform Policy, which was ratified by the College Council in June 2017.

The College Uniform Shop operates from the College Hall. For trading hours please contact the Front Office on 5986 8595.

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