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Whole School Assembly

On Thursday 18th June we held our whole assembly to welcome in the new semester. Once again we were entertained by a number of student performances including two dance groups. We¬†spoke about the importance of giving you ‘best effort’ in all you do and acknowledged the passing of the great Ron Clarke who demonstrated these values.

It was great to acknowledge some significant student achievements as well including the recent Premiers Award given to our school captain Alex Dellaportas. There were also awards given ‘Student of the Month” at each level and two other significant awards. We congratulated Charlie Robbins and Shayla Murray who received Wannik Scholarships and Meg Emmerton and Elizabeth Elliott who received Monash University PEP Scholarships.

Well done to all involved in the assembly.


The dance group entertain the students with a performance


Elizabeth Elliott and Meg Emmerton with Andrew Nicholls and Adam Slater

Elizabeth Elliott and Meg Emmerton with College Principal Andrew Nicholls and Year 11 Coordinator Adam Slater