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VCAL Expo 2016

On Thursday, 9th of June, the VCAL cohort presented their first Expo for the year. There were over 70 students and guests that visited the school’s library to witness the celebration of the student’s work. Students had been working for a term in their Project Based Learning sessions to produce a project that was either connected to their field of industry or to something that they feel passionate about. There was a wide diverse range of projects which the students enjoyed engaging with the guests as viewings and discussions about the content and processes took place. This is a major component of the current VCAL model and was very successful. Well done to all involved in this great event.

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2016-06-09 15.42.02

2016-06-09 15.42.24

2016-06-09 15.48.35

2016-06-09 16.36.21

2016-06-09 16.38.34