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State Schools Spectacular

Sixteen students from Rosebud Secondary College were the thrilled participants of the 2016 State Schools Spectacular program throughout the year in preparation for the performance day on September 10th.
The Spectacular includes a cast of 3000 Victorian government school students, working towards a common goal in a collaborative, competition-free environment. 
Its dual aim is to provide an invaluable performing arts opportunity to Victoria’s government school students and to showcase the enormous talent that exists in our schools. This all comes together in a 2-3 hour scripted show that celebrates a diversity of performance mediums, including choir, dance, vocal, drama, and orchestra.

The Spectacular promotes student engagement and educational outcomes by boosting motivation and student attendance, building confidence and self-esteem, leadership skills, cooperation, collaboration, forging friendships and a sense of belonging.

Students who participate in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular are provided with a unique opportunity to work with internationally renowned industry professionals across all disciplines, as well as the amazing experience of performing live in front of thousands of people.

The Rosebud Secondary College students who participated in this year’s spectacular event includes: Chloe Hensle, Annalise Magee, Jessica O’Connell, Nellie Vance, Zoe Dellaportas, Shontae Young, Summer Brysdon, Amber Gibbs, Alia Purnomo, Arya Khanal, Rayne Wrighton-Smith, Jemiah Devis-Scott and Jassmin Huggan. Britney Howard was a teacher assistant.

Congratulations to all girls who worked tirelessly throughout the year with weekly afterschool rehearsals, four regional rehearsals in Carrum Downs and two dress rehearsals at Hisense Arena, Melbourne. A wonderfully spectacular effort made by all!

-Miss Leah Willis

(State Schools’ Spectacular co-ordinator)