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Overland Track- Tasmania

During the last week I had the pleasure of completing the Overland Track with a group of senior students and staff. We had 7 days in the high country with 10 of the best students I’ve ever been with. The scenery was just unbelievable and it lived up to its reputation of being one of the best walks in Australia. Great powder snow on the first few days and -5c at night! Wet boots the only complaint, but after getting them on feet warmed up and each day was another brilliant adventure.¬†We should be so proud of these students and the opportunity given to them by our wonderful chaplain ‘Ziggy’ who runs regular walks through the school walking club. Schools are about giving students a range of opportunities that assist in their personal development and this walk is a great example of that in practice. Great humour and no complaints is testament to the positive attitude these students took to the walk. Thanks to Brooke & Adrien Picot who also came on the walk.

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