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Wellbeing Support

Students appreciate the availability of staff dedicated to Wellbeing Support. Clear referral pathways exist where staff or parents notice a concern. Pastoral Care teachers, Year Level Coordinators and/or Wellbeing staff can be approached and all concerns will be treated with sensitivity, with links made to further supports as required.

Resources available for families include the DET and Headspace developed ‘linkSAFEMinds’ toolkit and the range of ‘linkBullystopper’ resources.

Child and Youth Directory– Huge range of wellbeing resources developed by the Mornington Peninsula Shire, Family Life and School Focused Youth Service (SFYS)

Parents / caregivers are reminded that they have the opportunity to seek private assistance with the family GP to develop a personal mental health care plan. Wellbeing staff can assist you with this process. Often this can be a first step in addressing concerns for your child’s wellbeing.

In addition, a range of local agencies exist to offer additional and fully specialised Wellbeing Support according to individual needs. Their contact details may be viewed via this pdflink. Rosebud Secondary College encourages help-seeking behaviours.

Other wellbeing resources for families

My child is anxious, what can I do to help? Parent support FAQ from RSC Wellbeing team Anxiety
How do I keep my kids safe online? Parent support FAQ from RSC Wellbeing team Online saftey
I’m worried my child is drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs, what should I do about it? Parent support FAQ from RSC Wellbeing team Alcohol and other drugs
How can I keep my child free from head lice? Parent support FAQ from RSC Wellbeing team Head Lice