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Pastoral Program

Students in Years 7 to 9 begin each day at the College with a Pastoral Care session with their Pastoral Care teacher, who usually teaches them for at least one of their subjects. This enables students to build an ongoing relationship with their Pastoral Care teacher.

Our Year Level Co-ordinators follow each year level as they move through their six years of secondary education, guiding and supporting students until they exit or graduate from the College. Not every school does this, and it enables students to form unique relationships with their Year Level Co-ordinators, who can equally draw on long-term involvement with each student when working with them. Importantly, this also provides parents with a consistent point of contact at the College.

Years 7 and 8 students undertake a year-long program in Personal Development, which is taught by their Pastoral Care teacher. Topics include friendships, belonging, dealing with adversity, tolerance and resilience, and complement the habits that support a healthy lifestyle.

At Year 9, this Personal Development program becomes ‘Learning for Living’ (L4L), which is delivered in a full-day program once in the timetable cycle. Two classes combine with two teachers for a mix of on-site and excursion activities. Whilst there are clear academic areas of focus, the strengthening of relationships and development of resilience is central to the course.

The quality of students’ relationships, with their classmates and their teachers, is critical to their success as learners. Rosebud Secondary College approaches behaviour issues using the principles of Restorative Practice, where the focus goes on identifying the harm done and seeking a solution to repairing a relationship.