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Learning Support

Literacy and Numeracy

Sound literacy and numeracy skills form the foundation for learning. The College has a whole-school approach to developing the Literacy and Numeracy skills of all students. In 2014, the College completed an audit of the literacy demands of all subjects, with a particular focus on writing. The results of this audit will be used by the College to develop consistency in the teaching of written tasks.

Additionally, the College runs after-school literacy and numeracy support classes for all students. These are voluntary to attend, but a teacher or coordinator may recommend that your child takes up this assistance with their studies.

Literacy Intervention

The College runs a literacy support centre which assists students identified through testing and teacher recommendation for intensive literacy support. Students are withdrawn from a number of classes during the week to attend these sessions. The Literacy Coordinator also liaises with staff regarding progress and support.

Literacy and Numeracy Day

Each year, our Year 7 students celebrate Numeracy and Literacy Day, participating in a range of activities associated with these essential skills in our everyday life. Students and teachers dress up as book characters to add to the fun. Literacy and Numeracy Day aims to encourage learning, develop students’ confidence and encourage teamwork between classmates.

Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD)

For students with special educational needs, additional support is often needed so that they are able to participate fully in the life of the school community. At Rosebud Secondary College we have a dedicated team of support staff, including visiting teachers, integration aides and an interpreter for the hearing impaired. Their committed work and care of our students is instrumental in these students achieving their goals. Strong friendships are established and students develop a great sense of acceptance and belonging within the College. This aligns with the College’s belief that the school experience should be positive for all students.

Hands-On Learning (HOL)

Hands-On Learning (HOL) is an education support program to help Years 7-10 students get the most out of school. The program runs in more than 30 schools in Victoria and started in Frankston over 10 years ago.

See what HOL have been doing at Rosebud Secondary College link RSC HOL Presentation (2.3 MB)

One day per week, HOL students attend a ‘Work Place’ within their school and do practical jobs that are designed to reinforce the work they do in the rest of their normal school week. HOL students attend the College as normal on these days, but wear work clothes and go to the HOL workplace. They have a light breakfast and plan the jobs to do that day. There are two HOL staff and up to 10 students per day. They do a range of practical tasks and learn practical skills. Different students get different things out of HOL, most increase their self-esteem and confidence. Most students also develop friendships and a sense of belonging.

If you think HOL would assist your child please contact the Assistant Principal responsible for their Year Level.

More information on this program can also be found at link