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The College Library is a large, open-plan space which provides two teaching areas, student access to 70 laptop and 13 desktop computers, a laptop charging station, collaborative and quiet study zones, a self-service games area, a Reading Lounge and a printer/photocopier/scanner for student use. It accommodates an extensive fiction collection, which is continuously updated to offer titles by many popular young adult and children’s authors and caters for a broad range of genres. A wide selection of graphic novels, magazines and foreign language films are also available.

The Library’s non-fiction collection supports our College’s curricula and provides access to thousands of carefully-selected print and digital resources to support students’ learning across all subjects and year levels. The Library subscribes to print copies of the Herald Sun each day and online services from The Age and Echo Education.

The College Library is staffed by a number of professionally qualified teacher-librarians (TLs) who work with students and staff across the College, collaboratively planning and delivering a range of literacy and learning programs.

All students in Years 7 and 8 participate in the Read Every Day (RED) Program for one semester, which is timetabled in the Library weekly during their English classes and promotes reading for enjoyment. The TLs monitor and encourage regular reading through various in-class rewards, introduce students to a wide range of fiction texts and develop students’ skills as independent Library users. Our Library technicians are also on-hand to recommend books to even the most reluctant reader. The TLs encourage enthusiastic readers to participate in the linkVictorian Premier’s Reading Challenge, which runs from May to September each year.

Each year the Library staff organise the College’s Book Week celebrations, through a range of fun and fantastic activities that encourage student’s engagement with reading. Author visits, writing workshops, literary luncheons, ‘open mike’ student musical performances and the Living Library are just some of the events the Library team have devised and hosted in the past as part of this Children’s Book Council event, which marked its 70th anniversary in 2015.

The TLs plan and deliver the College’s Digital Citizenship curriculum to all junior school students. Through Years 7 and 8 Personal Development and Year 9 Learning 4 Living classes, the TLs introduce students to relevant and age-appropriate concepts around what makes a good digital citizen. The Digital Citizenship curriculum aims to develop our students’ skills and knowledge of appropriate online behaviour, so they interact safely and responsibly in the real and digital worlds.

The TLs also work collaboratively with staff to plan and team-teach learning sequences that develop students’ Information Literacy practices. These sessions cover a range of contemporary skills including how to develop a search strategy, select and use a range of search engines, refine search results, evaluate the quality and credibility of online content, and cite and reference sources.

Head of Library: Mrs Nicolle Brigden
Teacher Librarians: Ms Michelle Peck
Ms Samantha Jeacle
Support staff: Mrs Kerry Andersen
Ms Heather Graham
Library Opening Hours: Before school from 8.45am

Recess: 10.36 – 11.00am

Lunch: 1.00 – 1.24pm

After school until 3.30pm