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Student Leadership

The College encourages student leadership in a range of ways. Each year level elects two classmates annually to the Student Representative Council (SRC), which plays an important role in the College community. It is an active organisation which makes important contributions to all aspects of College life and has representation on the College Council.

The SRC leads the student body in raising money for charitable causes. Some of these charities are supported from year to year, for example RU-OK Day, IDAHOT and the State School Relief Fund. Other charities are adopted by a particular year’s SRC for one-off fundraising.

The SRC also supports projects that will benefit the students themselves, such a student band performances at lunchtime and running activites at the House Athletics Carnival.

In addition to the SRC, each year level at the College has a group of student leaders, who work with their respective co-ordinators in a range of ways to support activities around the school. For example, Year 7 student leaders are actively involved in the Year 6 Transition activities at the end of each year, and student leaders from a range of year levels volunteer as student guides at the College’s annual Open Night each May.

The Year 12 VCE students and staff begin each year by electing our College Captains (one male/one female) and Vice Captains (one male/one female). VCAL students also nominate one male and one female Captain. Along with their final-year studies, these young men and women work with their classmates and co-ordinators on a range of College activities and events, and represent the College in the public realm. They are supported by the Year 11 Captains and Vice-Captains.