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All students at the College are encouraged to participate in physical education and sporting activities, for the health benefits these offer, as well as the fun they can be. Our main focus is on involvement and enjoyment; students are not expected to perform perfectly in every sport. Students are encouraged to have a go, do their best and enjoy themselves.

Sports programs at the College offer students the opportunity to:

  • Learn and practise sporting skills and rules in PE classes
  • Participate in sporting competitions held during lunchtimes
  • Represent your House in the College‚Äôs annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and cross-country run
  • To experience a variety of sports in a number of local settings

Rosebud Secondary College is well-known for its sporting endeavours; students take pride in representing the College in a wide range of individual and team events at district, zone and state levels. Students compete against other schools on the peninsula via the Peninsula Secondary School Sports Association.

There are four levels of competition:

  1. Year 7
  2. Year 8
  3. Intermediate (Years 9 and 10)
  4. Senior (Years 11 and 12)

Interschool competitions include: swimming, cricket, softball, tennis, equestrian, baseball and volleyball (Term One); netball, cross country, soccer, badminton, football and surfing (Term Two); basketball, golf, hockey, gymnastics, table tennis, lawn bowls, squash, athletics and indoor soccer (Term Three).

Interschool sport is an optional activity. Students wishing to participate are required to pay a participation fee for some sports. Parents are notified of this cost prior to interschool competitions via a permission slip.