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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a global program for people aged between 15 and 25 to explore and expand their personal best and reach their full potential.

There are four main components of the program and they are as follows:

  • Physical Recreation: to encourage participation in physical recreation and improvement in physical fitness and performance
  • Skill: to encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills
  • Service (Volunteering): to develop and encourage a sense of community spirit and responsibility to others
  • Adventurous Journey: to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.

Students organise and complete activities covering these four components. They have between six months to two years to complete the Award, depending on which level they are undertaking. There are three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Participants keep a record book of their activities and liaise regularly with their school-based Award Leader who monitors their progress. Students who have completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award comment that they enjoyed giving back to their community and learnt a lot about themselves.

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One of the College’s newest extra-curricular endeavours is our students’ participation in the Wakakirri Secondary School Challenge. Established in 1992, Wakakirri is Australia’s largest performing arts event for schools, involving over 20,000 primary and secondary students across every State and Territory. Each year hundreds of schools across Australia create a 3-7 minute ‘story dance’ to perform for audiences of family, friends and the official Wakakirri Panel, which is searching for the ‘Story of the Year’.

In 2014, 55 students from the College, led by Dance teacher Brea Low, entered the Wakakirri Challenge for the first time, performing a student-choreographed piece titled ‘The Accused’. The dramatic and emotional piece received Best Adapted Story Award at the Victorian state heat, and the group went through to a National Awards Night, held at Hamer Hall, where they won several more awards.

Participation in Wakakirri is open to students of all year levels and abilities and develops students’ creative thinking, school pride, teamwork, self- worth and life skills. Performing in Wakakirri is an experience students never forget.

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In addition to Wakakirri, the College’s Performing Arts team does a terrific job coordinating College Musical productions on a regular basis and these are open for all students to participate in, regardless of their level of skill. The College has applied to be part of the State School Spectacular again in 2015.