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Years 7 to 10

Learning at Years 7 to 10

At Rosebud Secondary College, students are grouped into Junior School (Year 7), Middle School (Years 8 and 9) and Senior School (Years 10 to 12). As students progress through the College they develop their chosen pathways, specialising in subjects as they transition through each year level.

There are two specialised programs for student entering the College. These are linkSelect Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) and linkPerforming Arts.

Years 7 to 10 students follow courses that are designed using the Australian/Victorian Essential Learning Standards (AusVELS). During these years, students study distinct subjects (such as English, Maths and Science), whilst other skills are integrated across a range of subjects that the student takes (such as ICT, Personal Learning, Communication and Thinking).

In Year 9 students study Learning 4 Living for one day per cycle. This is skills-based program involving community, group and individual projects, with a focus on personal development.

Many students undertake a VCE or VET subject when entering Year 10. SEAL students will often undertake more than one VCE subject at this year level.