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Rosebud Secondary College encourages students to be aware of their responsibilities. The College linkCode of Conduct outlines the expectations of the school with regard to property, uniform adherence, and appropriate behaviours for the learning environment.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, a number of years ago the College introduced a range of Non-negotiables. They represent the College’s values, have become a part of our fantastic culture and help us achieve our high standards. These are simple, clear guidelines in regard to uniform, piercings, jewellery, shoes etc. Many of our parents have said they like having clarity around these matters with their child. On entry to the College, it is expected that the Non-negotiables are agreed to and the College is supported in implementing them.

UNIFORM: The school’s linkuniform policy is very clear. Hooded tops, coloured tops underneath shirts and sports tops during regular classes are just some of the uniform misdemeanours that will result in lunchtime or afterschool detention, or removal from classes. At times where incorrect cannot be avoided, an appropriate note needs to be given to the Year Level Co-ordinator and a uniform pass will be supplied for that day only. (Passes will not be issued for hooded tops.)

JEWELLERY: Students are allowed to wear one pair of studs in pierced ears only. Those who wear extra jewellery (such as extra earrings, facial piercings, rings, bracelets, wrist bands etc) will be asked to remove it immediately by staff. If the student wears the jewellery again, it will be confiscated and placed in a named/dated envelope for collection at the end of the week. Repeat offenders will lose their jewellery for the term to be collected by a parent.

FACIAL PIERCINGS: The College does not allow facial piercings as these present a Health and Safety issue. Lip rings, eye-brow rings, nose rings etc are all unacceptable at Rosebud Secondary College and students who arrive at school wearing these will be asked to remove them.

SCHOOL SHOES: The College requires students to wear black, leather, lace-up school shoes that can be polished. Runners and T-bars are not part of the uniform. At times where incorrect shoes cannot be avoided, an appropriate note needs to be given to the Year Level Co-ordinators and a uniform pass will be supplied for that day only.

LATENESS: Attendance to school and punctuality to lessons is expected of all students at Rosebud Secondary College. Lateness to school is unacceptable, just as it is not tolerated in the workplace. Students who are persistently late will be required by subject teachers to make up this time during their recess or lunch break. If lateness to school cannot be avoided, a note with an appropriate reason should be given to the front office and the student must sign the late book.

LOCKERS: All lockers must be secured with a working lock. This protects each student’s possessions as well as preventing the lockers from damage. If a lock needs to be removed for any reason, a replacement lock will be required for the following day. Spare keys can be stored with Year Level Co-ordinators.