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Parent Payment Charges

Rosebud Secondary College requests payments from parents, to assist in the purchase of resources and items used in delivering our curriculum to your child. We make every effort to keep the cost and the number of items that need to be purchased to a minimum. We also try to ensure that costs are affordable for all parents.

The College is aware that, from time to time, parents/guardians face economic difficulties. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Business Manager, Vicki Eva or Finance Manager, Deb Barry, if this is your situation. Instalments or a number of other payment options are open to you; these can be discussed confidentially.

Information regarding out Parent Payment Policies can be found here.

Essential Education Items

Essential Education Items are materials or services that support the course of instruction in the standard curriculum. They are also items or activities that the school deems compulsory, such as:

  • items that the student consumes i.e. cooking ingredients
  • items that the student takes possession of i.e. diary, handbooks and stationery
  • activity related costs such as entry fees, travel, accommodation i.e. for camps, incursions/excursions or sporting affiliations.

The Essential Education Items charge is expected to be paid by all families.

For further information about charges, please click on the relevant PDF file below:

pdfYear 7 2016

pdfYear 8 2016

pdfYear 9 2016

pdfYear 10 2016

pdfYear 11 2016

pdfYear 12 2016

Optional Extras

These are materials and services which are offered on a user-pays basis, and which parents/guardians may choose whether their child accesses or participates in. Examples include such things as:

  • graduation dinners, formals and presentation balls
  • school magazine
  • school photographs
  • school concerts, performances and productions
  • hire fees for musical instruments
  • extra-curricular programs such as interschool sport, music tuition and camps.

Voluntary Contributions

School councils are able to invite parents to make voluntary financial contributions. Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. Rosebud Secondary College Council has approved two voluntary contributions:

Building Fund

Several of the facilities we have here at Rosebud Secondary College are above entitlement and have been provided from voluntary contributions made to the Building Fund. All money receipted into the Building Fund is spent on improving College facilities; the most recent was the recarpeting the upstairs of the two storey building.

Indonesian and Japanese Language Assistants

Our Language Assistants support students in gaining accuracy in the oral skills of their chosen language. Our VCE Language results are a testimony to the success of the Language Assistants Program over the six years of students’ schooling.

Parent Payment Options

The College offers a range of payment options for families:

  • BPAY – Necessary information is available on statements issued to you by the school. If you do not have a statement and require this information, please contact our Administration staff during office hours on 5986 8595.
  • CASH – Payments can be made by visiting our Administration office.
  • CHEQUE – Payments can be made by visiting our Administration office OR by mailing your cheque to Rosebud Secondary College, 245 Eastbourne Road, Rosebud 3939.
  • CREDIT CARD – Payments can be made by visiting our Administration office OR by telephone.
  • EFTPOS – Payments can be made by visiting our Administration office.
  • CENTREPAY – A free direct bill-paying service available to those who receive a Centrelink payment. Please contact our Finance Manager for more information and an application form.

pdfParent Payment Policy

Financial Assistance

Schoolkids Bonus

The Schoolkids Bonus is funded by the Department of Human Services to help with education costs and is automatically paid in January and July to eligible families and students. There is no need to make a claim. To be eligible to receive the Schoolkids Bonus you must be:

  • A parent or carer receiving Family Tax Benefit A for a dependent child in primary or secondary education
  • A primary or secondary student turning 19 years or younger in the calendar year, who receives certain government payments
  • Satisfy an income test (to be introduced in 2015)

Payment of the Schoolkids Bonus is made in two instalments of $421 for each child in secondary school – a total of $842 each year (2015 amount).

Information on how you will be paid the Schoolkids Bonus or any other information about the Schoolkids Bonus can be found at:


NOTE: Legislation was passed in 2014 to phase out Schoolkids Bonus payments. The Schoolkids Bonus will continue until the end of 2016, allowing families time to adjust to the change. The last instalment will be paid in July 2016.


This is an assistance scheme for students with an indigenous background. Please check with Centrelink to see if you qualify.

Relief Agencies

There are four emergency relief agencies here in Rosebud, who may be able to provide some assistance to families with the cost of education. To access support from these agencies, an application requesting Education Cost Assistance must be completed and an appointment made to see one of our Welfare personnel who may then refer you to the most appropriate agency.