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College Canteen


Food and drinks are available for students to purchase from the College Canteen, which opens before school, at recess and lunchtime and after school. Prices are very reasonable and a great range of food is provided. We are aim to provide a healthy and interesting menu, which aligns with the DEECD’s Healthy Canteen policy. Further to this, the College has made an active decision to remove all fried foods from the Canteen menu, and students are not allowed to leave the College grounds to purchase food from nearby retailers. We encourage families to support our Canteen with their patronage, as any profits are used by the College Council to benefit our students.

Can my child order their lunch from the College Canteen?

All students can order their lunch from the Canteen, either before school or at recess. Ordering their lunch means students are served faster at lunchtime. Lunch orders should be written on a brown paper bag. This bag is numbered by Canteen staff member and exchanged for a raffle ticket, with a number which corresponds to the number on the bag. The student then gives their raffle ticket to the Canteen staff member again at lunchtime, in exchange for their lunch. The Canteen menu is distributed at the beginning of each school year.