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Congratulations To The Class Of 2019!

Congratulations to Madi Waters, our College Dux with an ATAR of 97.45 and recipient of the Hansen Scholarship from Melbourne University. 

A Valedictory Poem

It all began on the first day of year 7,

Socks pulled high and dresses unhemmed

Excited, nervous and for once happy to be at school, 

The class of 2019 were ready to transcend. 

Our first meet up took place in the old school hall,

Primary school mates sticking together as expected,

New friendships were at their very beginning, but above all

There was already a vibe that the cohort was connected.

Year seven flew, as did year 8 and 9,

We were no longer the young kids you once knew, 

We flourished into young adults

Before we knew it, we were selecting our year 10 and 11 subjects,

Which meant a new found obsession with our results.

Year 11 began, and so did the talk about ATAR’s,

Everyone soon became fixated on a number that they made their goal

However we were reminded that we must not jump the gun as 

The most important thing to do is to have fun.

Of course, VCE wasn’t the only studies worth stressing about,

To the students that completed VCAL and did VCE unscored,

You showed resilience and perseverance all year,  

Your hard work and commitment was never ignored.

Throughout the years, 

Rosebud taught us more than just how to find the value of x, 

We were taught to value our friendships and the people around us, 

and to always do our personal best. 

Last year’s year 12’s always boasted about how great they were,

But between entrepreneurs, leaders, athletes, and the amazing art, theatre and science geeks in the room tonight,

I think we have them covered from left to right. 

This year level is full of loving and caring people,

People I admire and appreciate,

People who encourage each other to be who they are, 

I can’t wait to see the life beyond high school you all create.

However the heart and soul of this year level needs the most praise,

Mr. Neale and Mrs. Verwey you both continuously amaze

You are each honest, trustworthy and are always helping us to succeed 

I’m glad you are both now not just coordinators but friends 

who we could always count on to be there when we’re in need. 

Of course, we could never forget about all of our amazing teachers, 

It’s them that make school a little bit less tense 

And we must thank not just the ones that made year 12 so memorable but all those who have helped us along the way,

and also those who haven’t taught us directly but have been a big influence nonetheless,

you guys are truly the best 

One teacher in particular is the most hard working person I have met,

She’s little, sweet and was probably that horse girl from high school,

Miss. Greenhill you truly are amazing, kind, and after the first time meeting you in year 10 jumpstart, 

I quickly learnt that despite your short stature, you have the biggest heart,

I hope you’ll forever remember the notes left in your office, as they are, sorry abbey, the real works of art. 

Last but certainly not least, 

And i’m gonna be really real for just one second, 

Lisa Holt you’re an absolute deadset legend,

You’re literally one of the greatest people I have ever met 

You are truly someone who I and many look up to,

From the numerous impromptu meet ups with you in your office to the random visits with your doggo in the year 12 common room, these are just some things we’ll never forget.

You never fail to brighten our day, 

You inspire, lead and support many

And no matter what, in our memories you’ll always stay.

Thank you all for making this year and the rest so memorable, 

High school is just one minute piece of our lives yes, 

But it’s the place where so many lessons have already been learnt, some may not seem it but they are quite valuable.

However so much more is awaiting us, even though sometimes it may feel like a test. But despite how hard it may seem always try to be humble, be kind and most importantly, always try your best.

Brooke Vernon 2019 College Captain.

Rosebud Secondary History

Rosebud High School was founded in 1954, on the 20 acre site at the corner of Eastbourne and Boneo Roads, where it is still located today.

With an enrolment of almost 300 students, a foundation staff of 10 teachers established a learning community in just seven classrooms. More and more buildings were added throughout the 1950s and 1960s, including the Assembly Hall, which was built in 1967 and continues to be used for indoor sports, exams and other school events today.

By the mid 1980s, enrolments had grown to over 1300 students and the two-story brick building at the centre of the school was completed in 1986. Rosebud High School became Rosebud Secondary College in 1989.

In 2007, the most recent major redevelopment of the College was completed; the original timber wings were replaced with new buildings, in a layout that better supports contemporary education. 

This included new facilities for Science, Visual Arts, Library, Technology, Administration, Middle School and General Purpose Classrooms. Part of this redevelopment included the addition of the Southern Peninsula Arts Centre to the Rosebud Secondary College facilities. In 2011, our Language Centre was completed.

In 2016, our Hands On Learning students created a memorial garden at the front of the College in memory of a former teacher and assistant principal, Michael Mann. The archway from the original Rosebud High School front gate was incorporated into this garden and provides a visual reference of the College’s history for our current students and staff as they enter the College’s grounds each day.

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